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    Neuleiningen (2 km)
    Neuleiningen is a 750 year old castle- and winevillage with a special flair. Enjoy a visit of the castle ruins in the night or a walk through the narrow streets with their beautiful half-timbered houses and oriel windows.
    Altleiningen (8 km) The castle of Altleiningen has been built around 900 years ago by the earls of Leiningen. In 2000 the castle was rebuilt to the most modern youth hostel in Germany. A district of Altleiningen is Höhningen. With its nice monastery it is a great startpoint for a walk through the famous forest Pfälzer Wald.
    Bad Dürkheim (13 km)
    Bad Dürkheim is famous for the biggest annual wine festival of the world, the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt that takes place on the second and third weekend in September. Furthermore Bad Dürkheim is visited every year by thousands of tourists and spa guests that enjoy the Kurhaus, the Kurgarten, the hot springs and swimming pools (Salinarium) or the Casino.
    Wachenheim (13 km)
    Wachenheim's landmark is the ruin of the castle Wachtenburg, that is called "balcony of Pfalz" because of its great view. Worth visiting is the Kurpfalz-Park, a wildlife and adventure park, that provides fun for the whole family. The world's biggest producer of sparking wine Sektkellerei Schloss Wachenheim has its headquarters there.
    Deidesheim (21 km)
    Deidesheim belongs to the biggest viticultural communities of Pfalz. Numerous tourists and all kinds of celebrities enjoy visiting that little wine-city. The historic town hall is the most famous building in the city.
    Worms (30 km) Worms is known as the city of the "Nibelungen" and for its cathedral. Since 2002 the Nibelungenfestspiele, a theatre play with prominent cast and with just as big success and overwhelming feedback, is presented annually in front of the cathedral. No less popular is the Backfischfest, a big annual festival on the Rhine-River, that takes place on the last Saturday in August.
    Hassloch (36 km)
    A highlight of Hassloch is doubtless the famous adventure park Holiday Park with its spectacular rollercoaster "Expedition GeForce". Besides Hassloch offers a big swim park called Badepark, where young and old can have fun in several pools. Haßloch is called "the biggest village of Germany".
    Kaiserslautern(38 km)
    Kaiserslautern is mainly university town. A famous sight is the "Betzenberg" mountain with the Fritz-Walter-Stadium on top, home of the soccer-club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. For friends of nature the visit of the biggest european japanese garden and the "Gartenschau", a beautiful exhibition of different plants, are a must (open annually from 01.04. - 31.10.).
    Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (42 km)
    In Neustadt, situated on the terrific Weinstrasse, annually the highlight of the wine festival season takes place: the German Harvest Festival with the election of the German Wine Queen and the big parade "Winzerfestumzug" (first and second weekend in October). Neustadt's landmark is the castle Hambacher Schloss, that is presumed to be the symbol of the german democracy-movement.
    Speyer (44 km)
    Speyer is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The cathedral, that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, and the beautiful old town are worth a visit every time. Those who like it more technically are in good hands in the Technik-Museum with more than 3.000 exhibits or in the next-door IMAX-Dome.
    Heidelberg (55 km) Heidelberg is presumed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and attracts mostly tourists and scientists from all over the world. The Ruprecht-Karls-University is the oldest university in Germany. Visitors are especially fascinated from the castle above the old town and the river Neckar that crosses the city.
    Mainz (72 km) Mainz is the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz and known as a former roman city. Johannes Gutenberg invented the letterpress there and today the Gutenberg-Museum is an interesting spot for tourists. In the district Mainz-Lerchenberg the german television station ZDF is located. Besides visiting the cathedral, the St. Stephan Church with its famous Marc Chagall windows are well worth seeing. A special event is surely the carneval in Mainz. Enjoy!

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